Home-Cooked Meals Linked to Fewer Harmful Chemicals in Blood

Recent research by scientists from the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, US, finds that people who eat home-cooked meals more often are more likely to have lower levels of PFAS, harmful chemicals found in packaged food, household products, etc., in their blood.Home-Cooked Meals Linked to Fewer Harmful Chemicals in Blood

For this study, the researchers carried out an analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The data were taken from 10,106 participants in general. The participants provided detailed information concerning their diets and eating patterns.

The results of the analysis showed that people eating at home had lower levels of PFAS in the blood, and those who ate out more often and consumed more fast foods had more PFAS in their blood.

Study co-author Laurel Schaider, Ph.D., an environmental chemist at Silent Spring, comments: “This is the first study to observe a link between different sources of food and PFAS exposures in the U.S. population. Our results suggest the migration of PFAS chemicals from food packaging into the food can be an important source of exposure to these chemicals.


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