Hot Chili Peppers May Reduce the Mortality Risk

A new study from the Mediterranean Neurological Institute, Italy, suggests that people who eat hot chili peppers on a regular basis have a lower mortality risk than people who never eat this vegetable.Hot Chili Peppers May Reduce the Mortality Risk

For their study, a team of researchers took data from the Molisani study that included data set from 22,811 men and women residing in the region of Molise in Italy. The participants were 35 years and older, and they were followed for 8.2 years, on average. During this time, the 1,236 participants died.

Within the scope of the study, each participant had to complete a questionnaire about their dietary habits. The analysis of the provided information showed that 24.3% of the participants consumed chili peppers four or more times per week and 33.7% ate chili peppers rarely or never.

The authors conclude in their paper: “In a model adjusted only for age, sex, and energy intake, regular consumption [4 or more times each week] of chili pepper was associated with 23% lower risk of all-cause mortality, as opposed to none/rare intake, and results remained substantially unchanged in the fully adjusted model.”


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