How to Restart Your Exercise Routine: 7 Tips from Experts

It's likely that last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us felt that the workout routine was seriously disrupted, as we're often dependent on special exercise facilities. Moreover, many parents of school-age children had and still have to help their kids to do their schoolwork remotely. And this leaves even less time for exercising.How to Restart Your Exercise Routine 7 Tips from Experts

Now, you might be thinking of returning to your normal exercise routine in 2021. How to succeed in it and not be frustrated with the results? Experts share these 7 tips that will help you resume your normal workout routines:

  1. Set modest goals.
  2. Stop berating yourself for falling off your own healthy workout routine.
  3. Decide what do you need it for.
  4. Be flexible - change your activities and time of the workout.
  5. Find support from your friends and relatives, as well as from other like-minded people.
  6. Be realistic as you may not be able to exercise as long or as vigorously as you could previously.
  7. Always track your progress.


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