More Intelligent Men Are Better at Taking Medication after Heart Attack

Taking medication that lowers cholesterol levels is crucial for patients who survived a heart attack. In a new study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a team of researchers from Uppsala and Umea Universities found that men with higher general cognitive ability (intelligence) were better at taking prescribed statins.smarter men are better at taking medication

In the study, the cognitive ability of nearly 2,500 patients had been measured about 30 years before the heart attack, when their compulsory military service began. The researcher discovered a link between low intelligence and the higher risk of not taking prescribed meds.

John Wallert, a clinical psychologist and PhD student at Uppsala University, says: “It's very important for the patients themselves to take personal responsibility for their health after the heart attack — taking their medication, eating a healthy diet, taking exercise and not smoking. This study inspires hope that we might'll be able to provide better, improve tailor-made care, based on the patients' cognitive capacity.”


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