Junk Food Associated with Advanced Ageing at Cellular Level

Recent research, led by professors Maria Bes-Rastrollo and Amelia Marti, both of the University of Navarra, Spain, suggests that people eating a lot of ultra-processed junk food are more likely to have a change in their chromosomes associated with aging.Junk Food Associate with Advanced Ageing at Cellular Level

For the study, a team of scientists looked at health data for about 900 people, 645 men, and 241 women, aged 55 and over, who provided DNA samples in 2008 alongside with detailed data about their eating habits every two years thereafter. All the participants were divided into four groups, depending on their consumption of ultra-processed foods.

Three or more servings of ultra-processed food a day doubled the odds that telomeres (strands of DNA and proteins found on the end of chromosomes) would be shorter compared to people who rarely consumed this kind of food.

The researchers found that compared to the group who ate the fewest ultra-processed foods, the other three groups had an increased likelihood – 29%, 40%, and 82%, respectively – of having shortened telomeres.


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