Lazy People Usually Have High Intellegence

Researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University in the US said that lazy people spend more time thinking. Apparently, due to this they are smarter than active people. Physical activity helps to take our boredom away and escape from your thoughts. People with high intelligence do not need this, because they get bored less easily and can spend a lot of time engaged in their thoughts.

The study involved a group of students. The volunteers were tested for assessing their need for cognition. The researchers then selected the 30 "thinkers" and 30 people, who don't like thinking. Participants were given a device to monitor the level of physical activity, and asked to wear it for a week.

Moderate Exercise Daily May Reverse the Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

The study found: "thinkers" were less active compared with the second group. The differences were statistically significant. According to scientists, people who do not like to think usually get bored. Therefore, they fill their leisure time by physical activity.


  1. Laura Sheffield

    I enjoy getting outdoors and going on long hikes in the wilderness because there, I can think, without phones, people and society interrupting my thoughts. I do not go because I am bored, but because there is freedom to connect with Earth and myself at a deeper level, providing a place and time to ponder solutions to problems, and reviewing the pleasures of life.
    I am skeptical of the losers they chose for the active group, vs the apparently analytical people they chose for the sedentary group. Thinkers are not thinking because they are lazy and active people like myself are not active because they are bored. I do not need entertainment! I wonder too, how many were only- children vs members of large families, and how many grew up in rural places vs cities….just asking.

    • editor-m

      It’s really a good point. We do agree that not only lazy people are able to think, but everyone who can stay alone with own thoughts. That’s just a study and we are free to be disagree with final results and discuss it.


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