Likelihood of Contracting COVID-19 May Not Be Age-Dependent

Recent research, completed by scientists from Japan, suggests that the age is unlikely to affect the susceptibility to the virus. It only may affect the severity of the case.Likelihood of Contracting COVID-19 May Not Be Age-DependentFor the study, a team of researchers performed a deep analysis from the data from three countries - Italy, Spain, and Japan. The scientists also looked at the age distribution of COVID-19 mortality and the basic reproduction number. They found that the age distribution was quite similar in all these countries while the basic reproduction was different.The researchers wrote in their paper: "Our study revealed that if the mortality rate or the fraction of symptomatic infections among all COVID-19 cases does not depend on age, then unrealistically different age-dependencies of susceptibilities against COVID-19 infections between Italy, Japan, and Spain are required to explain the similar age distribution of mortality but different basic reproduction numbers (R0)."


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