Long COVID May Increase the Risk of Kidney Damage

According to a new analysis, carried out by scientists from the Veterans Administration (VA) St. Louis Health Care System and the Washington University School of Medicine, there is a risk of significant kidney damage in people with long COVID.Long COVID May Increase the Risk of Kidney Damage

For the study, the researchers gathered 1,726,683 participants, of whom 89,216 were post-acute COVID-19 survivors. All the participants were divided into three groups: non-hospitalized people, hospitalized people, and people requiring intensive care units.

The analysis of the collected data showed that those who had contracted SARS-CoV-2 had a higher risk of kidney damage and disease in the following 30 days after infection than those who didn’t have the virus, and the severity of kidney damage matched the severity of the COVID-19.

What’s more important, hospitalized patients who experienced acute kidney insufficiency had a greater long-term decrease in kidney function compared to non-hospitalized people with acute kidney insufficiency.


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