To Lose Weight, You Need to Go Out When it’s Cold

lose weightScientists from Australia advise to expose your body to the subzero temperatures (to trembling for 15 minutes in a day if you want to become thin.Appears, when a person shivers with a cold, white fat (stocks energy) grows into brown (burns sedimentations with the purpose of making heat). This effect can be compared to training (15-20 minutes of trembling caused by a cold are equivalent to the sentinel training).When a body understands that it does not have thermal energy (it freezes), muscles begin to grow short and a person trembles. Endocrinologist Paul Li explains that when a human shivers with a cold, he produces warm. Process of making warm takes energy. And organism takes it from white fats.When it's cold hormones irisinum and FGF21 react. They are also involved in the described process. Scientists note: a person begins to tremble when the temperature drops to 14-15 degrees Celsius. But it's important not to overcool the body.


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