A Low-Carb Diet May Relieve Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

Recent research from the US suggests that a diet with low content of carbohydrates may help relieve symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.low-carb diet helps for knee osteoarthritis

To examine the benefits of a low-carb diet, the researchers included 21 adults aged from 65 to 75 with the condition into the study. The participants stick either of the two diets or continued their ordinary diet for 12 weeks.

Having analyzed the received data, the scientists found that the diet with low content of carbohydrates reduced functional pain levels and levels of self-reported pain.

Study leader Robert Sorge from the PAIN Collective in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Psychology, says: “Diet will never 'cure' pain, but our work suggests it can reduce it to the point where it does not interfere with daily activities to a high degree.”


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