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More Bright-colored Fruits and Vegetables May Boost Women’s Health

In a recent review of several studies investigating the effect of diet on autoimmune conditions in women, researchers found that intake of pigmented carotenoids may play a crucial role in preventing visual and cognitive loss.More Bright-colored Fruits and Vegetables May Boost Women's Health

The analysis of the available data showed noted that low bone mineral density occurs in females in their 30s and accelerates after menopause. However, the researchers noted that some carotenoids may slow bone loss. These carotenoids include lycopene — found in tomatoes, as well as beta-carotene and lutein (L), and zeaxanthin (Z) which in leafy greens and eggs.

Study co-author Professor Billy Hammond of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Faculty at the University of Georgia, says: “Most degenerative diseases, like dementia, are as complex as aging itself and involve many exposures that only matter a little at a given time but a lot when aggregated over 50 years. Imagine, for example, that a given dietary component decreases your risk by one percent a year. [It may seem small, however] one percent a year for 70 years though, means a reduction in risk of about 30%, which is huge.”

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