Mulberry May Help Lose Weight by Activating Brown Fat

Mulberry may play a significant role in new treatments for obesity as scientists have found a natural compound in the fruit able to activate brown fat, boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss.mulberry

For their study, a team of scientists from China took two groups of mice. Both groups of mice were fed a regular diet with adding rutin (a compound naturally present in mulberry) during the study period. According to researchers, rutin acts as “cold mimetic” activating brown fat and causing it to burn energy and produce fat.

Study co-author Wan-Zhu Jun, Ph.D. at the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, says: “The beneficial effects of rutin on BAT-mediated metabolic improvement have evoked a substantial interest in the potential treatment for obesity and its related diseases, uch as diabetes. In the line with this idea, discovery of more safe and effective BAT activators is desired to deal with obesity and its related diseases.”

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