Overcoming Laziness: How to Encourage Yourself Exercising in Autumn

In summer and spring, it is easy to get up early and run a couple of laps, do a few push-ups, and, with a sense of accomplishment, go to work. But in autumn, when there are dark clouds in the sky, a cold wind is blowing and it is boring rain, you probably not feel like crawling out of bed.

However, experienced coaches know how quickly people lose their athletic form, which they worked on for many months so experts share some thoughts about encouraging yourself to do sport in any season.

1. Loss of result

If a person began to practice very well and abruptly quit training, then the excess weight will quickly return. Since the body has become accustomed to exercise, to work in a certain rhythm, and now it is deprived of it.

2. Keep healthy

If a person is not engaged in physical activities, then most likely his body is not in the best condition, which, of course, affects all areas of his life - work, family, communication with children, and a partner. And any physical activity improves functional status and health. There is no seasonality.


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