6 Myths about Eating with Diabetes You Need to Know

Official statistics says that one in 11 adults has diabetes in the world, and every 6 seconds 1 person dies from diabetes. However, with proper diet, exercise and medication millions of people successfully manage the disease every day. But sometimes, when looking for magic cures, people become victims of myths connected to eating with diabetes. In order to stay healthy with diabetes, you should avoid following these 6 myths:myths

  1. Because diabetes relates to blood sugar, you can eat all sugar-free foods.
  2. Cutting white foods will lower your blood sugar level.
  3. Eating fruits is a healthy way to satisfy your sugar cravings.
  4. Gluten-free diets can keep your diabetes in check.
  5. A juice diet can help cure diabetes.
  6. Vegetarianism will eliminate your risk of diabetes.

More information about these myths is here.


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