Road Salts and Are Threatening World’s Freshwater Supplies

A new study from the University of Maryland in the U.S. warns that using salt for de-icing roads, fertilizing farmland or other purposes releases toxic chemical cocktails that create a serious and growing global threat to freshwater supply and, subsequently, human health.Road Salts and Are Threatening World's Freshwater Supplies

For the study, a team of researchers compared data and reviewed studies from freshwater monitoring stations all over the world and found that there is a general increase in chloride concentrations on a global level.

Sujay Kaushal, the lead researcher of the study, says: “We have made dramatic improvements to acid rain and air quality, and we're trying to address climate change this way. What we need here is a much better understanding of the complicated effects of added salts and regulations based on that. This can allow us to avert a really difficult future for freshwater supplies.”


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