Scientists Explained What Happens in the Head of Schizophrenics

The researchers explained what happens to the brain of people who suffer from schizophschizophranicsrenia, and also told whether these changes are reversible.Scientists note that the risk of developing schizophrenia is low -1%. The main role is played by the genetic predisposition of a person. Even if the disease is subject to a very distant relative, the probability increases to two percent.And if a close relative suffers from the disease, then the risk increases to 50%.Inhibitory interneurons, which are necessary for a person not to overload the brain don't work properly in people with schizophrenia.Read also: Alice in Wonderland syndromeThese cells produce gamma-aminobutyric acid, which helps a person not to go mad with a lot of information. The brain of schizophrenics does not understand how to respond to the information received, which causes a mental disorder.To date, specialists have not found the right way to cure this disease.


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