Scientists Explain Why Breastfed Babies Have Stronger Immune System

Recent research, conducted by scientists from the University of Birmingham, UK, provided new insights into the process, finding that mother's milk promotes the growth of important immune cells that help manage inflammation.Scientists Explained Why Breastfed Babies Have Stronger Immune System

To study this phenomenon, the researchers examined the immune functions of 38 full-term newborns, who were all delivered via cesarean section. Babies were divided into three groups: breastfed, formula-fed, or received a mixture of both. Also, blood and stool samples were taken at birth and three weeks later.

The scientists noted a significant difference in T-cells between the breastfed and formula-fed children: in those who received exclusively breastfeeding the number of the cells doubled by the age of three weeks compared to those who received formula only.

Neonatologist Gergely Toldi from the University of Birmingham says: “We hope this invaluable new insight will lead to an increase in rates of breastfeeding and will see more babies benefit from the advantages of receiving breastmilk.”


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