Scientists Figured out How to Turn Fat into Muscles

American scientists have invented a way to convert fat tissue into muscle. Researchers carried out an experiment on mice, but are planning to move in the achievements.

The innovative technique is based on the use of special molecules, says Science Daily. Employees of Medical Center in Memphis synthesized substance called beta-LGND2 - "transformer" of fat in muscle and fluid. Scientists have conducted several pilot studies, during which demonstrated high efficacy of beta-LGND2 using laboratory rodents.

According to the researchers, mice exposed to beta-LGND2 by injection, soon showed a significant reduction in the volume of adipose tissue. The mass of their bodies has changed slightly.

Now, scientists are planning to move to the next stage of the experiment, including experiments on humans. "We are confident that synthesized beta-LGND2 molecule is the key to a successful solution of global problems of obesity," - the researchers noted.


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