Scientists Plan to Transplant Human Eyes Within the Decade

American researchers said that it will be possible to start the operation to complete transplant of human eyes in near future.

Now a team of Pittsburgh transplant surgeons aims to turn that tide, and they’re hopeful they can do so in just the next decade, using donor eyes to restore sight in people who have suffered traumatic eye injuries.It will give an opportunity to see not only for people with abnormalities of these organs, but also for those who are completely blind from birth or acquired blindness as a result of etiological factors.

At this point, scientists conduct practical research within the laboratory. Experimental animals got transplants for the whole body and its parts. So, it should be noted that the work of scientists has already been partially successful. When transplanting parts of eyes, results are more than positive - engraftment goes well, rejection is extremely rare, the body is fully operational.

As for the transplantation of all eye at once, it's not perfect yet, the functioning of eye is not maintained because neural connections don't adapt and blood flow is disrupted. Now scientists are working hard to transplant all eye so that the body was able to maintain full vitality.


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