Seniors Who Regularly Exercise Perform Everyday Tasks More Easily

Recent research from Austria finds that senior adults, who regularly exercise, sticking to the WHO recommendations, perform their routine tasks more easily and are more independent.Seniors Who Regularly Exercise Perform Everyday Tasks More Easily

For the study, around 3,300 volunteers aged 65 years and over from Austria were included. The researchers assigned them to perform different types of physical activity including 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or 75 minutes of intensive aerobic physical activity, within a week. Muscle strengthening activities also were added.

The scientists also measured their ability to perform everyday activities such as “activities of daily living/ADLs” (setting up, eating, drinking) and “instrumental activities of daily living/IADLs” (doing housework).

Having analyzed the received results, the researchers concluded that seniors who performed recommended units of exercise weekly were 3 times more likely to manage the ADLs and twice more likely to be able to perform IADLs.


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