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Sleep Quality Has a Significant Impact on Your Weight Loss Goals

In a recent study from the University of Pittsburgh, researchers examined the effects of sleep quality on compliance with a weight loss program. They found better sleep was associated with better adherence to a 12-month weight loss program.

For their study, the team recruited 125 adults with overweight or obesity and an average age of 50. Each participant participated in a 12-month behavioral weight loss intervention. At the baseline, after six months, and after 12 months, the questionnaires and wearable devices were used to assess six dimensions of participants’ sleep.

The analysis of the collected data has shown that individuals with better sleep health were more likely to attend group intervention sessions, and were more likely to adhere to caloric intake goals.

Study author Dr. Christopher E. Kline, an associate professor in the department of health and human development at the University of Pittsburgh, says: “Although we did not intervene in sleep health in this study, these results suggest that optimizing sleep may lead to better lifestyle modification adherence.”

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