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Snacking with Almonds May Improve Appetite-Regulating Hormones

According to a new study by researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA), people who eat almonds have better appetite-regulating hormone levels than those consuming carbohydrate-rich snack bars.

For the study, the research team recruited 140 adults aged 25 to 65 diagnosed with obesity and overweight. After fasting overnight, participants received a snack in a random manner. Thus, 68 people received almonds and the other 72 had a carbohydrate-rich snack bar, similar in calorie count.

Researchers didn’t see a significant difference in the number of calories consumed between people who snacked on almonds and those who had a carbohydrate-rich snack bar. However, they found that appetite-regulating hormone responses were reduced by 47% in the almond group. This hormone, C-peptide, reflects the insulin level produced by the pancreas, and lower levels may increase insulin sensitivity, making the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) less likely.

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