Some Health Fads That May be Not so Healthy

If you have a squeezer at your house than you probably the one who like fresh juices. But the thing is that juicing according to health experts can be detrimental to a good diet. The same situation with coconut oil which has so many saturated fat but recently made a dietary furore in the US. Also, there is misperception of gluten-free diet because it is useful only for those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. These statements are the conclusions of recent scientific evidence that was conducted to shed the light on popular diet fads. "There is widespread confusion in terms of nutrition. Every day someone says something is good, and then the next day they say it's bad," said review lead author Dr. Andrew Freeman, co-chair of the American College of Cardiology's Lifestyle and Nutrition Work Group. Dr.Freeman and his team reviewed healthy nutrition patterns in relation to popular dietary fads and agreed on such facts:
  • "Juicing might improve absorption of some plant nutrients, but it also leaves out a lot of fiber and nutrients contained in whole fruits and vegetables".
  • High-dose antioxidant dietary supplements doesn't have any benefits except eating foods rich in antioxidants. Freeman said "If you eat a well-balanced diet, vitamin supplementation is usually not required."
  • Coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats
  • A gluten-free diet can help people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease and doesn't bring any benefits to others
  • Eggs can increase a person's cholesterol levels, although not as much as previously thought
Source: HealthDay


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