Study: Antibiotic Resistance Is Associated with Soil Pollution

According to recent research, which appeared in the journal Microbial Biotechnology, there is an association between heavy metal and radioactive soil pollution and the antibiotic resistance of bacteria in the soil.Antibiotic Resistance Is Associated with Soil Pollution

Scientists believe that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics due to their improper or indiscriminate use. For instance, this phenomenon happens due to the widespread use of antibiotics in farms, regardless of whether the animals have a bacterial infection or not.

Corresponding study author Jesse C. Thomas IV comments: “The overuse of antibiotics in the environment adds additional selection pressure on microorganisms that accelerates their ability to resist multiple classes of antibiotics. But antibiotics aren’t the only source of selection pressure. Many bacteria possess genes that simultaneously work on multiple compounds that would be toxic to the cell, and this includes metals.”


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