Study: Simple Diet May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

In a new long-term study, researchers from Rush University in Illinois found that such a simple diet as the MIND diet can change the cognitive resilience to dementia in the future.Study Simple Diet May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease

The MIND diet is based on the Mediterranean diet and the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet and was developed by nutritional epidemiologists at the mentioned university.

For this study, a team of scientists analyzed data on 569 participants who had died during a long-term study started in 1997, called the Memory and Aging Project. All participants agreed to undergo yearly clinical evaluations while they were alive, and an autopsy after death.

Geriatric health researcher Klodian Dhana from Rush Medical College says: “Some people have enough plaques and tangles in their brains to have a postmortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, but they do not develop clinical dementia in their lifetime. Some have the ability to maintain cognitive function despite the accumulation of these pathologies in the brain, and our study suggests that the MIND diet is associated with better cognitive functions independently of brain pathologies related to Alzheimer's disease.”


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