Study: Vaccination May Improve Symptoms of Long COVID-19

A new large-scale survey, conducted by the researchers from the United Kingdom, suggests that vaccination may improve symptoms of long COVID-19 which include fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, shortness of breath, and loss of taste and smell.Study Vaccination May Improve Symptoms of Long COVID-19

The survey included 900 respondents, most of whom had received the AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, or Moderna vaccines. More than 70% reported they experienced symptoms for 9 months or more. The analysis of the collected data showed that 56.7% of respondents experienced an improvement, 18.7% experienced a deterioration, and 24.6% remained unchanged.

The authors write in their paper: “The results of this survey should reassure people with long COVID-19 that their chance of experiencing an overall worsening of their symptoms after vaccination is small. More than half saw at least some improvement to their symptom status.”


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