The Link Between Vegetarianism and Depression Exists

vegetarianismMen who identify themselves as vegetarians have significantly more symptoms of depression, on average, than non-vegetarians.

There is ample evidence that eating plant foods provides many health benefits. But what about an exceptionally vegetable diet? A completely new study provides evidence that a purely vegetarian or vegan diet appears to be associated with an increased risk of depression.

In a new study to be published in "Affective Disorders" in January 2018, about 10,000 men, partners of pregnant women, were interviewed about their eating habits and screened for depression. Men who identify themselves as vegetarians had significantly more symptoms of depression, on average, than non-vegetarians.

According to the lead researcher Dr. Joseph R. Hibbeln, this is the first major epidemiological study aimed at quantifying this relationship.

Despite these reservations, this is not the only study confirming some relationship. Other studies have shown that vegetarians and semi-vegetarians are more likely to suffer from several categories of mental illness, for example, they are twice as likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder and are five times more likely to suffer from eating disorders.

The main missing element in vegetarian food is vitamin B12. This vitamin is almost impossible to get only from plants, but it is necessary to maintain the proper function of the brain. 


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