How Does the Time Off from Exercise Affect Your Body?

time off from exerciseThe total work load, a trip, problems in the family - there are many reasons why you violate the schedule of trainings in the gym. And then you suffer: Well, all efforts for nothing, excess pounds will return, and even with an additive. The good news is that a week of skipping exercise will not bring any fatal damage to your figure. And the bad thing is that by taking a longer break, you really risk getting bigger again! Recent studies at Skidmore College (UK) showed that a break in training for a week or more slows the metabolism by 4%. And this threatens to increase weight to one kilogram per week. Muscle mass at the initial stage is preserved, but after two or four weeks you will notice that your muscles have become noticeably more flabby and friable. There is a gradual replacement of muscle mass by fat. And since fat is easier than muscles, at first you may even think that you are not getting weight, and even on the contrary, you lose weight a little. By kilograms - yes, but the volumes will grow. Fortunately, the problem can be remedied when you, after a break for 1-3 weeks, begin to engage a little more intensively than before, focusing on the work of all muscle groups. This will speed up metabolism and fat burning. If you still do not have the opportunity to resume weight training, try so-called interval training, which include periods of strong physical activity and periods of cardio training. For example, while you can concentrate on jogging and doing morning exercises. Read also: Why Do You Stop Losing Weight While Exercising Regularly?


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