What Does Tinnitus or Ringing Ears Can Actually Mean?

Unpleasant tinnitus can cause panic attacks in some people. Recently, doctors explained what does this unpleasant feeling can tell you about. It may occur, as it turned out, not only in patients with some conditions but also in healthy people.

Doctors say that tinnitus is a sure sign that a person is subjected to fits of anxiety and panic. However, according to experts, this phenomenon does not cause strong emotions. Scientists believe that if tinnitus occurs in a relaxed atmosphere, it is most likely a consequence of the movement of blood through inland vessels.

Doctors believe that very often such feelings occur in people who have greatly disrupted the mechanism of blood distribution in the auditory nerve. The study's authors added that during the development of inflammation, malicious pieces can move from nasopharynx to Eustachian tube, what also affects indentation of the eardrum. This, however, can cause hearing loss.

If tinnitus does not stop and lasts for few days, you should not hesitate and it is better to consult a doctor in order to get the necessary treatment.


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