Top 3 Delicious Ways to Include Honey into Your Diet

Everybody knows that honey is a great substitute for a regular white sugar. And most of us used to add to our desserts that honey we can buy in supermarkets. Here are 3 ways you can change your honey eating habits:include honey

Way No. 1: Eat your honey raw, as raw, unfiltered honey has a more complex and robust taste. It includes more key nutrients, including probiotics and antioxidants than pasteurized and filtered product.

Way No. 2: Add honey instead of syrup into your cocktails. It is sweeter than sugar and mixes in extremely fast.

Way No. 3: Add honey to your snacks and meals. It can tame spice dishes and balance the acid in vinegar-based salad dressings. Honey can also bring a richness to meat and seafood due to caramelization while cooking.


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