Urban Green Spaces Can Extend Longevity

The largest meta-analysis of existing studies established that urban green spaces, such as parks, sports fields, woods, lakesides, and gardens can help people live longer and have a better quality of life.Urban Green Spaces Can Extend Longevity

In total, the reviewed studies included more than 8 million people from the US, Canada, China, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia. The analysis showed that for 0.1 increments in vegetative score within 500 meters of a person’s home reduced the risk of premature death by 4%.

Dr. Nieuwenhuijsen, the director of Urban Planning, Environment, and Health Initiative at ISGlobal, comments the study: “Green space is also good for carbon sequestration. So there are multiple beneficial effects. And increasing green space can, therefore, reduce a significant number of premature deaths in cities.”


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