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Study: Vegans Who Lift Weights Have Stronger Bones

According to a study, recently conducted by a research team from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, vegans who do strength training have stronger bones compared to those who do other types of exercise, like cycling or swimming.Study Vegans Who Lift Weights Have Stronger Bones

For their study, the researchers examined data received from 43 men and women who had been vegan for at least 5 years and concluded that participants who did resistance training such as using machines, free weights or body weight resistance exercises at least once a week had stronger bones than those who did not.

Christian Muschitz, one of the authors of the study, comments on the results of the study: “Our study showed resistance training offsets diminished bone structure in vegan people when compared to omnivores. People who adhere to a vegan lifestyle should perform resistance training on a regular basis to preserve bone strength.”

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