CRP Semi-Quantitative Rapid Test

Hs-CRP Semi-Quantitative Rapid Test


Bacterial inflammation? Problems with digestive? Evaluated risk of cardiovascular disease? Inflammation increases CRP value, test your CRP with this High Sensitive CRP Test!

Product Description

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Description of Hs-CRP Semi-Quantitative Rapid Test:

Are antibiotics needed? Are antibiotics and treatment effective? Is the infection caused by bacteria? Now you can test High Sensitive CRP at home in just minutes.  High level of CRP increase risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

  • The high specificity, sensitivity, and accuracy
  • Semiquantitative levels: 1-3 mg/L, 3-10 mg/L, >10 mg/L
  • Accuracy: > 99%
  • Ensure the validity of the result
  • The test includes an internal control functionality
  • Easy and hygienic design
  • Simple implementation of test
  • Contactless manipulation of the sample (patient’s blood)

CRP test is good to have on hand:

  1. In places where the doctor is located far away;
  2. When doctor is not available;
  3. When you want to save your time and money;


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