Troponin I Test




Troponin I test


The Rapid Troponin I Test is Gold Immunochromatography Assay for the qualitative determination of cTn1 in human serum/plasma/whole blood.


    1. Remove the cassette from the foil pouch, take out all the accessory to be used.
    2. Open the Alcohol Pad. Use the Alcohol Pad to disinfect the finger where to be pricked. (Note: Before blood collection, make sure the finger is clean and dry).
    3. Open a lancet and prick the fingertip, collect blood.
    4. Draw the fingertips blood specimen with one pipette.
    5. Vertically drop 4 drops (100 uL) specimen into the circular groove of cassette with S.
    6. Wait 15-20 minutes and read result. Do not read results after 20 minutes.


Positive: Two red bands appear, one in the test area (T), another in the control area (C).

Negative: Only one red band appears in the control area (C), there is no red band in the test area (T).

Invalid: No red lines appear or quality control areas (C), a red band appears, indicating the operator error or reagent failure.


  1. test cassette
  2. alcohol pad
  3. blood lancet
  4. pipette
  5. instruction insert

This product is CE marked for professional use, and it is not yet CE certified for home use.

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