Cholesterol Levels May Predict the Risk of Heart Disease

A new study from the German Research Center for Environmental Health in Neuherberg finds that cholesterol levels may help predict the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in young adults later in life.Cholesterol Levels May Predict the Risk of Heart Disease

For the study, a team of researchers analyzed data taken from 38 studies conducted in the US, Europe, and Australia which covered health information on approximately 400,000 individuals. None of them had heart disease at the beginning.

The scientists tracked them for up to 43.5 years (1970–2013) and took details of any heart disease event, fatal or otherwise.

The analysis of the available data showed that the level of non-HDL and HDL cholesterol in the blood significantly influenced predicting the risk of cardiovascular disease over time.

Co-author of the study Prof. Stefan Blankenberg says: “Our estimates suggest that halving non-HDL cholesterol levels may be associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular events by the age of 75 years and that this reduction in risk is larger the sooner cholesterol levels are reduced.”

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