Christmas Weight Gain Can Last for Many Months After

A new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, finds that Christmas weight gain may last for months. The scientists found that in nearly 3,000 adults from across three countries there was up to 0.6% increase in weight gain during ten days after Christmas compared to the 10 days before Christmas.Christmas weight gain

Moreover, researchers discovered that by the following summer, the subjects taking part in the research had only lost about half of the weight gained over the winter holidays.

The Royal Society for Public Health in the United Kingdom notes that people in the UK can consume up to 6,000 calories a day, which is three times higher than recommended calorie intake. Also, these calories are hard to burn – burning off the calories from Christmas dinner would take 1 hour and 40 minutes of running, the scientists warn.

More information about the study is here.

How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays: Top 5 Life Hacks

Christmas and New Year are not only gifts, smiles and laughter of friends, and also a large variety of meals at the banquet table. It’s could be hard to stand such a temptation trying everything. We tried to distinguish the most effective life hacks that can help you to avoid overeating during the holidays season. 

  1.  Eat before the holiday dinner

    Dieticians advise not to wait for the feast to pounce on a festive table and eat all the time. If you starve all day and in the evening will begin actively have everything – it will affect badly on your stomach, and instead of having fun, you will take pills and suffer from abdominal pain.

  2. Be careful with salads

    Prefer light vegetable salads without mayonnaise and cream sauces. Experiment and do not forget about measures.

  3.  Do not drink a lot of alchol

    It’s enough to have 1-3 glasses. And the main thing is to drink it not on empty stomach in order to not get drunk fast.

  4. Say no to semi-finished foo

    Replace sausages with natural meat of different varieties. Do not buy a huge amount of sweets, cakes – your table will look beautiful with fruits and berries instead. They will not only decorate your Christmas table, but also bring much more benefit to the body.

  5. Move more

    Dance, play with the kids, do not sit at the table all night. Go take a walk in the night, see fireworks, play in snow, or visit some friends and arrange memorable Christmas and New Year.



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