Walnut Consumption May Protect from Ulcerative Colitis

A new study, conducted by researchers from the University of Connecticut, US, suggests that walnuts may protect against ulcerative colitis thanks to the high content of natural compounds and phytochemicals.Walnut Consumption May Protect from Ulcerative Colitis

The effect of walnuts was checked using a mouse model where the colonic mucosal injury was induced by the ulcerogenic agent dextran sodium sulfate. The daily dose of walnuts in the study was equivalent of 20 to 25 walnuts in a human which was 14% of the studied diet.

Dr. Daniel Rosenberg, professor of medicine, and Masako Nakanishi, post-doctoral fellow, at the Center for Molecular Oncology at UConn Health, who led the study, says: “We are continuing our work to understand whether those metabolic changes are part of the protection. We are not suggesting that people with ulcerative colitis be maintained on a large walnut diet between active flares. But, we are hoping that we’ll be able to determine the active compounds — nutrients, phytochemicals — in walnuts that cause protection.”