Maize: Benefits, Side Effects, Calories and More

Maize is a well-known cultivated plant. In the stores on demand, it is almost not inferior than rice, buckwheat and wheat. Polenta is delicious, nutritious and healthy. Cultivating started by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Corn was the main component of their diet.

Calories in maize

Corn is low-calorie food, so nutritionists advise to include it more often in your diet.

Calories in boiled corn – 123 kcal

Calories in canned corn – 120 kcal

Calories in crab salad with corn – 109 kcal

Calories in sweet corn – 101 kcal

Calorie marinated corn – 125 kcal

Calories in fresh corn – 120 kcal

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Benefits of maize

Maize is a rich source of vitamins: iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements. Its composition contains 26 elements of the periodic table. Corn is rich in vitamins B, E, A, PP, which are very useful for the females, has beneficial effects on hair and skin, help to cope with depression. Corn has anti-aging properties, it is recommended to be used by elderly.

Incomparable benefit of boiled maize is that during heating, the shell of grain is not destroyed, which means that it does not lose its useful qualities. Valuable amino acids included in its composition such as lysine and tryptophan, which are not produced in the human body alone, normalize intestinal function and muscle tone.

There is a big benefit of boiled corn for people with diabetes because it stabilizes blood sugar levels, for people with allergies, anemia, obesity, anorexia, liver and heart diseases Canned corn is good because it retains most of its nutrients and it increases sodium content during preservation.

Side effects of maize

Harmful affects of maize is perceptible for people who have a tendency to thrombosis and excessive blood clotting. There is also a side effect of boiled corn, eating it in large quantities can cause headaches and stomach disorders.

Harms of canned corn is revealed when the liquid will be proccessed with the consistency of the metal cans.

If a diet includes corn, benefits and harms of which depend on individual characteristics of the organism, and there were health problems is worth to make sure that it is not the source of sickness.