Regular Pot Smoking Can Lead to Vision Impairment

A new French study suggests that  regular pot smoking can be connected to a limited degree of vision impairment.pot smoking

Scientists included 52 participants to their study, 28 of them were smoking pot regularly (at least 7 times a week).

In their study, researchers were trying to answer such questions: does marijuana affect the healthy functioning of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), which are situated on the surface of the retina? These cells are responsible for receiving visual information.

The findings of the study suggest that regular pot smokers do appear to experience a slight delay in RGC signalling that can indicate impaired vision.

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6 Causes Why Your Eye Might Be Twitching

Everyone at least once in a lifetime experienced an eye twitch. Eye twitching is basically a spasm caused by a nerve in the eye muscle that is under the stress according to Hannah Yecheskel, doctor of optometry and founder of All Eye on Rockville, a practice specializing in advanced eye care and boutique eyewear in Washington, D.C.eye twitching

Here are 6 reasons why your eye might be twitching:

  1. You drink too much caffeine.
  2. You’re stressed.
  3. You have allergies.
  4. You’re not getting enough sleep.
  5. You might need to change your glasses.
  6. You may have a tumour.

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