90-Year-Old Mold Auctioned for Almost $15k

moldIn Britain, at the internation auction, a sample of the legendary mold raised by Alexander Fleming 90 years ago was sold for $ 14 617. Alexander Fleming was a British bacteriologist who invented the first antibiotic, penicillin, from mold fungi. Though he shared a Nobel prize for the medical find with Ernst Boris Chain and Howard Walter Florey in 1945.

It is reported that the sold sample of mold was signed as “mold, from which penicillin was first made.” The fact that the mould belonged to Fleming is not in doubt, but no one really knows if it really came from his original test batch of Penicillium chrysogenum as there were dozens of different cups with samples.

Estimates of the lives saved by Fleming’s discovery range from 80 to 200 million people