Artificial Sweeteners Don’t Have Any Benefits for Health

artificial sweetener

According to a new study, published in The BMJ, artificial sweeteners have no benefits or harms to human health.

For the study, a team of scientists assessed 56 research papers which included adult and child participants. They examined a range of parameters, including oral health, kidney and cardiovascular disease, cancer, blood sugar levels, behavior, mood, and, importantly, weight and body mass index.

In conclusion, the authors write: “For most outcomes, there seemed to be no statistically or clinically relevant difference between [non-sugar sweetener] intake versus no intake or between different doses of [non-sugar sweeteners].”

9 Health Benefits of Cheese You Might not Know

For those who try losing some extra kilos, cheese always seems to be a no-no. Not so fast. Many studies prove that cheese is not just tasty and healthy addition to your meals. It has a number of healthy benefits you might never hear of. Here are nine health benefits of cheese backed by science:health benefits

  1. Cheese may help boost your metabolism.
  2. Cheese may help prevent cancer.
  3. Cheese is good for building muscles.
  4. Cheese is good for your bones.
  5. Cheese is good for your teeth.
  6. Cheese may protect against type 2 diabetes.
  7. Skinny cheese is an excellent addition to your meal.
  8. Even a lactose-intolerant can eat some types of cheeses.
  9. Cheese is the best comfort food.

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5 Benefits Reading May Offer for Your Health and Wellbeing

For many people reading is the best kind of relaxing and rest, providing escape from everyday stresses. And now, researchers find that reading can offer some health benefits for your health and wellbeing.reading

This year, in August, researchers from Yale University School of Public health found that people who reported reading books for more than 3,5 hours per week were 23% less likely to die over 12 years of follow-up compared to those who did not read books.

So here are other ways how reading can improve your health and wellbeing:

  1. Reading reduces stress.
  2. Reading can slow cognitive decline.
  3. Reading can improve sleep quality.
  4. Reading can enhance social skills.
  5. Reading can boost intelligence.

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