Why Having a Six-Hour Workday Is Good for Both You and Your Employer

A new study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that productivity is highest when people had a six-hour workday. They examined working hours in several countries for 22 years.six-hour workday

Moreover, a consultancy company for the public sector in Sweden executed research with 68 nurses working 6 hours per day. These nurses have been working 6 hours a day since February 2015. After 18 months of working with six-hour workday, 77% of nurses reported good health compared to 49% nurses from the control group. Also, members of the trial group took nearly three times fewer sick days.

David Spencer, professor of economics and political economy at the University of Leeds, UK, believes that the trial in Sweden is small in scale and focuses on a particular sector, but this method could be used in other sectors with a range of adjustings.

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Dilute Honey May Help Counteract Urine Infections, Study

Dilute honey may become an effective weapon against urine infections in hospital patients, a team of researchers from the UK suggests.dilute honey

Due to various medical reasons, patients often have a catheter fitted, and these flexible tubes can contain nasty bugs and cause infection.

Scientists from University of Southampton demonstrated in the laboratory that dilute honey prevents some common bacteria from forming sticky layers, which are hard to remove, on surfaces such as plastic. Theoretically, water with honey might be useful for flushing urinary catheters to keep them clean while they remain in the bladder.

Scientists admit that so far many more trials would be needed to check whether it is safe to use this technology in humans.

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