People Eating Ultra-processed Foods Consume More Calories and Gain More Weight

Recent research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that the study participants eating ultra-processed foods consumed significantly more calories and gained more weight compared to the same participants when they ate minimally processed or whole foods.People Eating Ultra-processed Foods Consume More Calories and Gain More Weight

For this study, the investigators enrolled 20 healthy young adults (10 men, 10 women) who agreed to live in a study site for 28 days and to eat only the foods provided within the frame of the study.

During 14 days, the participants received either an ultra-processed or minimally processed diet. After that, they were switched immediately to another diet for 14 days. In both cases, they were allowed to eat any quantity of food.

Researchers conclude in their paper: “Our data suggest that eliminating ultra-processed foods from the diet decreases energy intake and results in weight loss, whereas a diet with a large proportion of ultra-processed food increases energy intake and leads to weight gain.”

Caffeine Might Be Able to Fight Inflammation that Causes Heart Issues

A new study, executed by the scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine, says that caffeine can counter an underlying inflammatory process that is the cause of heart health problems among senior people. Also, the study adds to the growing body of research showing the many health benefits of coffee consumption.caffeine fights inflammation

For the study, a team of scientists performed a comprehensive analysis of blood samples, data gathered in surveys, and the family history of more than 100 participants. The research suggests that ageing and chronic disease linked to a basic inflammatory mechanism.

David Furman, a lead author of the study and consulting associate professor at Stanford, says: “More than 90% of all noncommunicable diseases of ageing are associated with chronic inflammation. It’s also well-known that caffeine intake is associated with longevity. Many studies have shown this association. We’ve found a possible reason for why this may be so.”

More information about this study is here.