These 15 Foods Are the Best to Boost the Immune System

A human immune system consists of various cells, tissues, and proteins. In the system, they carry out the processes in our body that fight with pathogens — viruses, bacteria, and foreign bodies. When a pathogen comes into contact with the immune system, the latter releases antibodies to attack pathogens and kill them. The following fifteen foods will help you to boost your immune system:15 foods to boost immune system

  1. Blueberries.
  2. Dark chocolate.
  3. Turmeric.
  4. Oily fish.
  5. Broccoli.
  6. Sweet potatoes.
  7. Spinach.
  8. Ginger.
  9. Garlic.
  10. Green tea.
  11. Kefir.
  12. Sunflower seeds.
  13. Almonds.
  14. Oranges and kiwis.
  15. Red bell pepper.

8 Simple Ways to Boost Immunity This Winter

If it is a common situation for you to fight illnesses, health experts say it is necessary to consult a doctor who can determine if there is any underlying medical cause to blame. But you also can boost immunity. Here are 9 ways to do this during this season to defend yourself from various infections and diseases:boost immunity

  1. Keep your body healthy.
  2. Consume yoghurt and kefir as a part of healthy diet.
  3. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  4. Get your shots.
  5. Exercise.
  6. Quit smoking.
  7. Sleep enough.
  8. Try to reduce your stress level.

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6 Amazing Foods You Should Eat to Boost Your Immune System

When days become shorter and temperature goes down, the season of colds and flu arrives. And we all are trying to boost our immune system by all available means. But sometimes, even trying so hard, some of us inevitably get cold. In this case, the right diet can help too.immune system

Here’s the list of top 6 foods approved by nutritionists that can help you boost your immunity and overcome colds faster:

  1. Soup.
  2. Herbs and spices (e.g., turmeric, cumin, garlic etc.).
  3. Spicy food.
  4. Citrus fruit.
  5. Sweet potatoes.
  6. Nuts.

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