Poor Oral Health Connected to Increased Risk of Liver Cancer

According to a large study from the United Kingdom, people with poor oral health, including sore or bleeding gums or loose teeth, are at 75% higher risk of developing liver cancer.Poor Oral Health Connected to Increased Risk of Liver Cancer

For the study, a team of researchers analyzed data from 469,628 people, among whom 4,069 developed gastrointestinal cancer over an average follow-up period of 6 years. The researchers excluded individuals who reported insufficient detail about their oral health or who had a history of cancer when they joined the project.

The researchers say that scientists are not sure why poor oral health might have such a link to liver cancer. They suggest that the liver contributes to the elimination of bacteria from the human body.

Your Everyday Morning Coffee May Cut the Risk of Liver Cancer

A new study from the University of Southhampton finds that drinking cup of coffee every day may reduce the risk of hepatocellular cancer, the most common form of liver cancer, by a fifth.coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer

For the study, the researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of more than 26 observational studies, including 2.25 million adults. The analysis demonstrated that drinking just one cup of coffee every day was connected to the 20% reduction of HCC, while the risk of HCC was halved when consuming up to 5 cups of caffeinated coffee on a daily basis.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy, the lead author of the study, says: “Coffee is widely believed to possess a range of health benefits, and these latest findings suggest it could have a significant effect on liver cancer risk.”