Physical Activity May Prevent Developing Liver Cancer

A new study from the Australian National University Medical School at The Canberra Hospital finds a link between exercise and prevention of liver cancer.Physical Activity May Prevent Developing Liver Cancer

For the study, a team of researchers used a mice model. They genetically modified mice to increase their appetites which led to obesity and diabetes at a young age. The mice also received a low dose of a cancer-causing agent. All mice were divided into two groups.

One group of mice ran 40 kilometers per week in an exercise wheel, while the other group didn’t have such an opportunity. The sedentary mice quickly developed obesity. By the end of the trial, 64% of sedentary mice developed liver cancer compared to 15% of mice from the exercising group.

Lead investigator Geoffrey C. Farrell comments the results of the study: “Some population data suggest that persons who exercise regularly are less likely to develop liver cancer, but studies addressing whether this has a real biological basis and, if so, identifying the molecular mechanism that produces such a protective effect are few, and the findings have been inconclusive.”

Drinking Coffee May Halve the Risk of Developing Liver Cancer

A new study by the researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, suggests that coffee may reduce the risk of developing liver cancer by 50% due to polyphenols, contained in coffee beans, that may stop cancer cells dividing.Drinking Coffee May Halve the Risk of Developing Liver Cancer

For the study, a team of the researchers tracked 365,157 people who drank coffee regularly and more than 100,000 people who didn’t drink coffee over 7.5 years with the help of national cancer records. Within this period of time, 88 people were diagnosed with the common form of liver cancer.

Lead author of the study Kim Tu Tran says: “People with a coffee-drinking habit could find keeping that habit going is good for their health. That is because coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine, which may protect against cancer.”

Poor Oral Health Connected to Increased Risk of Liver Cancer

According to a large study from the United Kingdom, people with poor oral health, including sore or bleeding gums or loose teeth, are at 75% higher risk of developing liver cancer.Poor Oral Health Connected to Increased Risk of Liver Cancer

For the study, a team of researchers analyzed data from 469,628 people, among whom 4,069 developed gastrointestinal cancer over an average follow-up period of 6 years. The researchers excluded individuals who reported insufficient detail about their oral health or who had a history of cancer when they joined the project.

The researchers say that scientists are not sure why poor oral health might have such a link to liver cancer. They suggest that the liver contributes to the elimination of bacteria from the human body.

Your Everyday Morning Coffee May Cut the Risk of Liver Cancer

A new study from the University of Southhampton finds that drinking cup of coffee every day may reduce the risk of hepatocellular cancer, the most common form of liver cancer, by a reduces the risk of liver cancer

For the study, the researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of more than 26 observational studies, including 2.25 million adults. The analysis demonstrated that drinking just one cup of coffee every day was connected to the 20% reduction of HCC, while the risk of HCC was halved when consuming up to 5 cups of caffeinated coffee on a daily basis.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy, the lead author of the study, says: “Coffee is widely believed to possess a range of health benefits, and these latest findings suggest it could have a significant effect on liver cancer risk.”