Epidemic of Yellow Fever May Spread Around the World

International charitable foundation Save the Children has made an alarming statement. According to its staff, outbreak of yellow fever in central Africa, which killed several hundred of people, could spill over to other regions.

Presumably the fever came from Angola. There, starting in December, the disease has killed at least 360 people. This is a large-scale outbreak of the disease in the country over the past few decades. In Congo, the government is trying to combat the epidemic through vaccination (it is planned to inoculate more than 10 million people). Ideally, they should begin vaccination campaign before. But there were no vaccines and syringes.

Also during this week a large-scale vaccination campaign against yellow fever in Angola begins. What is important, there are no drugs against yellow fever and the virus can spread around the world, said the head of division in Save the Children in Congo Heather Kerr. Nowadays the emergency supply of vaccine is currently 7 million doses. Doctors have recommended in case of a possible shortage, using one-fifth of the standard dose. This is enough to protect the patient from infection only for a while.

4 Types of People Who Get Bitten by Mosquitoes The Most

Season picnics and nature outings are often accompanied by mosquito bites that itch and left ugly red spots on your body.
It turns out that there is an explanation. Health experts believe that mosquitoes actually prefer certain types of people.

There are 4 risk groups of people who can become a lure for mosquitoes:

  1. Pregnancy
    Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of carbon dioxide produced by humans during respiration. Pregnant women exhale it more, so special attention to them.
    It is worth considering, as the mosquito-borne Zika virus can become a threat to baby during the infection during pregnancy.
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  2. Sports
    After jogging, do not be surprised by active mosquito bites. This is because the insects are attracted by lactic acid. It is actively produced in the muscles during exercise, and mosquitoes adore it.
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  3. Drinking alcohol
    Experts say that after taking intoxicating drinks, we are more attractive to mosquitoes. Alcohol raises our body temperature, and blood-suckers are aiming for “cushy”.
  4. I blood group
    According to studies, the probability that a mosquito will bite a person with I blood group is 83%. Least of all at risk of mosquito attacks are people with blood group II.