11 Amazing Ideas for No-Bread Sandwiches

It’s your choice to eat or not to eat bread, never mind what reasons you have – you are vegan, have wheat sensitivity, or just chose to eat healthier. So even if you give up bread, you don’t have to refuse from sandwiches at all. We’re suggest you to try top vegetable sandwiches. These are  the best eleven no-bread sandwich solutions, delicious and easy to cook:no-bread sandwiches

  1. Red bell pepper sandwich.
  2. Peanut butter chocolate chip rasin sandwich.
  3. Koya tofu sandwich.
  4. Butternut flatbreads.
  5. Cucumber subs.
  6. Italian chickpea sandwiches.
  7. Italian sub roll-ups.
  8. Tomato burgers.
  9. Plantain tortilla wraps.
  10. Sweet potato buns.
  11. Buckwheat flatbread sandwiches.

More information about no-bread sandwiches here.

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