XiphoidalgiaXiphoidalgia is an uncommon cause of exertional chest pain. It is a rare syndrome that is characterized by localized discomfort and tenderness over the xiphoid process of the sternum.

The condition has a gastrointenstinal etiology and usually relieved by nitrates what make possible to distinguish it from angina or myocradial infarction.

Symptoms are often aggravated by eating a heavy meal or bending or twisting movements. They also are associated with resumption of heavy work or a recent cough, suggesting a traumatic cause in some patients.

The pain of xiphoidalgia may be substernal or epigastric with radiating to the arms, back and neck. It is exacerbated by positional maneuvers and eating large meals, but also may be caused by exertion. The releaving means are local infilatration with 1% lidocaine, antiinflammatory medications, and steroid injection.

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